Pastor Chris Stephens

Have you ever been told to do something but not told how? Sometimes that can be very frustrating. In I Chronicles 28:20 David is charging Solomon, preparing him to take over as king. In his charge he says, be strong, have good courage,… fear not, be not dismayed, FOR GOD IS WITH YOU. Sounds like God’s charge to Joshua in Joshua chapter 1. These are truths we cling to everyday. There is one little difference that is generally overlooked. In I Chronicles 28:20, right between “have courage” and “fear not”, David says DO IT!

Solomon has taken over after David’s death and he is to – be king, lead the people, and build the temple. How can he accomplish these things? Remember, David had been king for 40 years and now Solomon is taking over knowing some basic truths. First, he knows God chose him; Second, he knows the work is great; Third, he realizes he is young and tender. (I Chronicles 29:1) So, what does he do? How does he handle his “DO IT”? We find the answer in the first 5 chapters of II Chronicles. He does 4 things that you and I would be wise to do every day in our ministry.

  1. He ASKS – II Chronicles 1:10 – he asks for wisdom to know WHAT to do; then he asks for knowledge to know HOW to do it. God gives him wisdom, knowledge, and everything he needs for his “DO IT”. He will do the same for us if we will simply ask.
  2. He DETERMINES – II Chronicles 2:1 – he made up his mind and set his whole being toward accomplishing his “DO IT”. We need to be like Caleb who “wholly followed the Lord”. As the old song said “I am DETERMINED, I’ve made up my mind, I’ll serve the Lord”
  3. He BEGINS – II Chronicles 3:1 – he set out and begIns his “DO IT”. You cannot finish what you don’t start. It has been said the first step is the hardest. You must make a definite choice to begin doing what God has called you to do.
  4. He FINISHES – II Chronicles 5:1 – Solomon FINISHES his “DO IT”. He completed the house of the Lord. Much talk is made about finishing strong, not quitting before you finish. The truth is WE CAN’T FINISH UNTIL WE ARE DONE. Sounds silly but how many times do we find ourselves wanting to quit before the task is complete. Carpenters begin a project, get distracted and never finish it. Runners get weary and never cross the finish line. Preachers get discouraged and never finish their “DO IT”.

We know Solomon went on to become the wisest, richest, most loved king. How did this happen? He did his “DO IT”. He ASKED, He DETERMINED, He BEGAN, He FINISHED. God has given you a “DO IT”. Ask him for wisdom and knowledge, Determine to get it done, begin, and FINISH strong in the might of the Lord.