Missionary Communication Workshop

Missionary Communication Workshop is a five-day on-site workshop designed to help missionaries improve their speaking ability. Missionaries receive training in every aspect of communication including preaching, teaching, reporting to churches, presentations, Q&A’s, and support letters. Participants learn in morning classroom lessons, afternoon presentation preparation, and evening evaluated speeches. Missionaries who have attended the workshop report that the workshop gave them the tools they needed to give presentations that obtained the desired results. Both husbands and wives are encouraged to attend the workshop because they are both asked to give presentations in varying settings in a church. 

Missionary Financial Coaching

Finances are always stressful and are often cited as a leading cause of divorce in America. Finances can be even harder on a missionary couple because they must handle the funds for personal income and ministry income. Just because God has called a person or couple to be a missionary does not mean that they are gifted in money management. Lewis McClendon is a Certified Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach. He has the training to help missionaries identify problem areas in their finances, create a personal long term financial plan, and learn how to live on a budget that the couple works together to create and maintain. 

Contact Lewis McClendon about these coaching opportunities: 330 605-6959.