We are the York family: A.J., Brooke, and our two sons Solomon and Thomas.  We are church planters to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We plan to launch Journey Baptist Church in the fall of 2025. Our strategy is to Evangelize, Edify, and Equip.

  1. Evangelize – spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This happens by having committed followers who will go out and share the good news of God’s word to see them call upon the name of the Lord. As believers multiply this leads us to…
  2. Edify – encourage and uplift one another by keeping the unity we have in the Holy Spirit, rooted in God’s word through biblical preaching, teaching, discipling and faithfully serving the Savior. As disciples grow in their reliance on the word of God this leads us to…
  3. Equip – disciples then become disciplers, working to train/multiply the next generation of evangelizers, edifiers, and equippers. As disciplers fully trust and rely on the word of God, more growth takes place spiritually and numerically which leads to multiplying multipliers. The need for biblical multiplication of believers leads to the expansion of new autonomous churches being formed and sent out.

This is the vision and burden the Lord has laid on our hearts and minds for the city of Ann Arbor, the State of Michigan, and the rest of the world.

Would you join us in the journey God has given us?

If you would like to get in contact or want more info please email: ayork@journeybaptist.church