We are Bryan and Sandy Wise, church planting missionaries in Nicaragua since 2015 and BCMN endorsed since 2018.  The Lord has given us the privilege to plant two churches in the town of Mateare, Nicaragua as well as a mission work in the region of El Sauce.  The first church is under Nicaraguan leadership with its own pastor and co-pastor.  The second church is back under our care as the Nicaraguan pastor resigned and has moved to another ministry.  The Lord has blessed both churches and we are seeing new growth in each one.  Since the beginning of this year, we have seen 40 people saved and 10 baptisms.  The first church is now wanting to seek the Lord for a new area in Mateare to start another church.  We truly have been blessed to serve the Lord in Nicaragua! We also have been truly blessed as being BCMN endorsed missionaries.  It is our privilege to be part of the BCMN group and ministry.