Since its inception, the Baptist Church Ministry Network has been a vital part of my growth and development as a pastor. Through this network I have received training, mentoring, encouragement, and fellowship. Here are some reasons I support the BCMN:

  • The BCMN is bible-centered: Every meeting I have attended the Word of God has been the rallying point. It is evident from the preaching services to the break out sessions that the Word of God is what directs and defines what the network seeks to accomplish.
  • The BCMN is balanced: What I have found is the network is focused on the Great Commission avoiding extremes and trends of popular cultural based Christianity. It has been refreshing to attend meetings where there are not ulterior motives or hidden agendas. I have attended too many meetings where side issues became main issues. The BCMN remains tenaciously focused on God’s Word and the Great Commission.
  • The BCMN is Baptist: What I appreciate about the network is the sincere desire to preserve Baptist doctrine. Within the present landscape of Christianity too many groups are downplaying doctrine. It has been refreshing to hear preaching and workshops that are rooted in solid biblical Baptist doctrine.
  • The BCMN believes in partnership: This one of my favorite qualities of the BCMN. Through the network I have received mentoring and I have had opportunity to be a mentor. Our ministry has received staff training, leadership development, and practical ministry ideas. The collaboration that takes place through the BCMN has directly impacted me personally and the ministry where I serve.

If you are a pastor, missionary, or Christian worker would you please consider partnering with the Baptist Church Ministry Network?

God is using the BCMN to strengthen His work around the world. Would you please join us? Would you please consider supporting the network with your partnership and financial support? If we are to go forward, we need your support.