Having noted the basics of Marxism, it is not difficult to recognize the close relationship of Critical Theory or Cultural Marxism. Those who developed Critical Theory knew America would never accept any form of Marxism. So they simply changed the name of the Marxist theories to “Critical Theory.” Had they been honest, they would have called it “Cultural Marxism,” for that is exactly what it is—Marxism applied to social issues. It teaches that traditional cultures are the source of oppression and must be overthrown before power can be equally distributed to all. It identifies groups within society that have grievances and exploits their grievances. This is the role of the community organizer. The basic Marxist concept of society being divided into oppressors and the oppressed is applied to women, minorities (Critical Race Theory), the poor, the homeless, Muslims, mothers, even the incarcerated, and especially the LGBTQ+ communities. And it is postmodern—each group defines truth as they see it, while objective, absolute truth is rejected. This is why you are now hearing that mathematics and the use of proper English is racist.

Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism) identifies the oppressors as men, white people, Christians, fathers and heterosexuals. In the political realm, it is called “identity politics”—taking up the grievances of these groups and forming a coalition large enough to win. When applied to racial issues, it is called “Critical Race Theory.”

These theories have been taught in our universities and colleges since the ‘80’s. James Lindsay (a mathematics professor, an atheist and a liberal viewed as an authority on postmodern Critical Theory) refers to these theories as “grievance studies.”

Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism) began in the 1930’s, when a group of Marxist professors at Frankfurt University in Germany applied Marxist economic and political theory to social issues. Because most of them were Jewish, they fled Germany when Hitler came to power. They came to Columbia University in New York City, where they became known as the Frankfurt School. Their theories became the basis of Critical Theory.

The Critical Theory (grievance) groups are all working for the same goal. That goal is called social justice. But do not be deceived. The social justice they are calling for is not the justice spoken of in the Bible or as defined in the laws of Western Civilization. Social justice today means government redistribution of something (wealth, power or position) from the “oppressor” group to the oppressed. For example, a Trans-girl (a biological male) can compete with biological girls because as a Trans, he is in an oppressed group. The goal is to redistribute power to the oppressed Trans community; so while he has a huge competitive advantage physically, since he is from an oppressed group, the government supports him. Are you confused? You’re not the only one!


Critical Race Theory teaches that race is the primary lens through which people view the world. Like its parent, Marxism, it divides people into groups—groups based on skin color: the oppressors are whites; the oppressed are people of color. It teaches that America is inherently evil, racism is systemic, and “unconscious bias” is built into the current structures of American society. The only solution is to dismantle and restructure our entire political and economic system, our religion, our moral values and social customs. In other words, a revolution is needed to right the wrongs of the past.

Critical Race Theory distorts our history, teaching that America was founded upon slavery and racism. No mention is made of the Pilgrims and the vast, vast majority of people who came to early America for religious or political freedom and never owned a slave. A recent book entitled The 1619 Project falsely promotes a revisionist view of history, written to fit the progressive narrative. It is already being widely used in schools across the country, seeking to to teach our young that America is and always has been an evil place. As this is being written (Summer 2021), there is an uprising in Cuba against the Communist dictatorship that has been in power for over 60 years. Thousands of freedom loving Cubans have taken to the streets demanding basic human rights. The Communist police are beating and jailing thousands of them. Scores are “missing.” However the author of The 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, has come out with a statement supporting the Communist government. Imagine a Communist sympathizer writing the history of America, and her curriculum being taught in our schools—but that is what is happening.

Black Lives Matter Utah issued a statement on July 4th that the American flag is a symbol of hate. More and more it is becoming increasingly evident that Critical Race Theory is a major threat to our freedom.

While it is painful to watch the destruction of our cities, it is in the area of our faith that I am most concerned. James Lindsey has warned, “Critical Race Theory is a Trojan Horse, smuggling ideas into Christianity that will undermine its biblical values and doctrines.” Critical Race Theory is aggressively seeking to infiltrate fundamental and evangelical churches. And, as we saw recently at the 2021 SBC meeting, it always brings division. We read in Colossians 2:8, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” The word “spoil” is the old English word for capture, as in the “spoils of battle.” We are seeing the minds of thousands of our fellow Christians captured by these godless and deceitful philosophies.