Because I want to end on a positive note, I will consider the “Don’ts” of Church Finance first:

  1. Do not wait until the church is deeply behind financially to preach or to put a financial plan together.
  2. Do not assume that your people understand tithing and grace giving. They must be properly taught to have the blessings of God upon their finances.
  3. Do not just preach on tithing and giving when the offerings are down. This will potentially come across as a negative.
  4. Do not condemn or criticize people who do not tithe and give. That will only drive them farther away. Shepherd them to truth and the blessings of God.
  5. Do not expect the circumstance to change if you do not have an active on-going plan.

Now, let us consider the “Do’s”.

  1. It is imperative that the Pastor have a God given vision/goal for the church. People do not necessarily respond to need but they will respond to vision. It has been said that the poorest man in the world is not the person who has no money, but the person who has no vision.
  2. Be sure you effectively communicate the vision.
  3. Do not assume people will buy into the vision just because you tell them. Present the vision to small groups, deacons, teachers, etc. and then all of you present the vision to the church body.
  4. Show the people how the vision can be accomplished. This is imperative. If they do not believe the vision is possible they will not buy in.
  5. Maintain the vision with weekly updates and progress reports.
  6. Regularly thank the congregation for their giving and sacrifices that makes the progress possible.
  7. Have a time of celebration and giving of glory and praise for what God has allowed to be accomplished. Always celebrate God’s blessings publicly with the church body.


Dr. Rick Carter is the Pastor at Bible Baptist Church, Gulfport, Mississippi.  Dr. Carter can be contacted via email at: