The BCMN National meeting is the best meeting for BCMN endorsed missionaries to attend. You will be encouraged with great preaching, be uplifted with the music, and be connected with pastors who love missionaries and are looking for new missionaries to support. What missionary would not want to be a part a meeting where pastors have that passion?

All BCMN endorsed missionaries are provided with the following benefits at our National Meeting October 2-4, 2023.

  1. A display table
  2. A time in a service to present their work to the pastors
  3. A motel room during the meeting

If you are a BCMN endorsed missionary and you are planning to attend the meeting, please register for the meeting as soon as possible. Here is where to register – If you would like us to reserve a motel room for you, please send me an email at aboundms@gmailcom.

These three benefits are not the only benefits of a BCMN missionary endorsement. Steve Pratt is a BCMN endorsed missionary. Read what he has to say about the benefits of being a BCMN endorsed missionary.

“My experience with the Baptist Church Ministry Network (BCMN) stands as a testament to God’s provision, guidance, and an incredible partnership that I believe is not merely beneficial but essential for like-minded missionaries. This endorsement gives the missionary a wonderful opportunity to connect with pastors and churches that have a heart for the Great Commission!

Without God, our amazing sending church, and the endorsement of BCMN, we might still be on deputation, struggling to raise our support. The BCMN’s endorsement came as a blessing early on in our deputation, enabling us to raise our monthly support in under 20 months—nearly 70% of the churches that support us are part of BCMN.

BCMN’s endorsement is not just a recognition; it’s a comprehensive alignment with Biblical, Balanced, and Baptist principles. The endorsement resonated deeply with our calling and became a huge blessing for our ministry.

The churches within BCMN are fueled by a heart for the Great Commission. They invest not only in financial support but, most importantly, they invest in praying for you and your ministry. The endorsement also gives you invaluable resources, training, and workshops to help better communicate God’s calling and vision. Their desire is to help missionaries not only get to their mission field but also become highly successful in their calling.

To my fellow missionaries considering or seeking endorsement, I extend this testimony as a confident and heartfelt recommendation. Joining BCMN is more than a strategic move; it’s a wonderful opportunity to find like-minded pastors and churches who are looking for missionaries to support and fulfill the Great Commission.”

If you are not a BCMN endorsed missionary and would like to become one, I encourage you to email or call Lewis McClendon. Email – Phone – (330) 605-6959. BCMN pastors know that a BCMN endorsed missionary is in agreement with the BCMN doctrinal statement and our Biblical, Balance and Baptist philosophy and readily book them in their church.