The summer months provide a great opportunity for our churches to host fun, engaging events and programming specifically aimed at kids. With schools out for the break, children have more free time and families are often looking for activities. Summer kids’ ministry events allow churches to connect with kids and families while sharing the love of Christ in a joy-filled way.

As the warm weather approaches, now is the time to start planning and preparing for your church’s summer kids offerings. Here are some tips to help ensure your summer kids’ events are a big success:

Recruit Volunteers Early
You’ll need all hands on deck to pull off summer kids’ programming. Start recruiting volunteers months in advance – this will give you plenty of time to train them properly. Aim to have more volunteers than you think you’ll need to accommodate vacation schedules.

Plan Engaging Themes and Activities
Brainstorm some exciting and cohesive themes for your summer events. Popular ideas include science camps, arts and crafts weeks, music/drama camps, outdoor adventures, etc. Plan a variety of hands-on activities, games, snacks, and Bible lessons that align with the theme. Kids will love the immersive experience.

Decorate with Impact
Transform your kids’ spaces to go along with the theme using affordable decorations and hands-on projects the kids can help create. The more engaging and interactive the decor, the more fun and memorable the experience will be. Themed photo ops also make for great social media engagement.

Ramp Up Technology
These days, kids are hooked on technology – so use it to your advantage! Project lyrics, videos, and graphics on screens during worship times. Use interactive apps and video segments in your lessons. And don’t forget about promoting your events heavily across all social platforms.

Get Families Involved
Since kids thrive with their parents’ support, provide plenty of opportunities for families to attend and serve together at events. You can also give kids projects to complete at home with their parents between activities. The more you equip families, the greater the spiritual impact.

Proper Prep Makes All the Difference
With intentional theming, quality programming and meaningful family engagement – your summer kids ministry events are sure to be a big hit! Putting in the work to plan ahead will allow you to pull off amazing experiences that show kids the incredible joy of following Jesus.