Sometimes I feel like the world’s best procrastinator (see how I put a positive spin on that?). When I was about 12 years old, my parents made me take piano lessons (seriously, I didn’t have a choice.) A thirty minute piano lesson every Monday, and thirty minutes of practice every day in between. What 12-year-old wants to spend thirty minutes a day learning to play the piano? Not me.

I can remember how much I disliked doing my daily practices. There were always other rabbits to chase. And if there weren’t, I’d try and create some. Practicing the piano seemed grueling to me.

However, what I found was that the thirty minutes of practice wasn’t actually the hardest part.

The hardest part of learning to play the piano was getting myself to sit down on the bench and get started.

If I could simply discipline myself to just sit down, the rest of my practice time flowed pretty easily. Yet, I would regularly make all kinds of excuses for why I should procrastinate and not sit down on that bench.

It was a little thing, but I had mentally turned it into a big deal. It’s what I call a little big thing.

Sit Down At the Bench and Start Doing the Little Big Things – Godly Parent