I have a passion to train Christians to share their faith without fear. I train the people at my church on a regular basis, and I go to churches to train people as well. Sadly, most churches are lucky to have 5% of their people who are actively sharing their faith. The 95% that do not share their faith include Assistant Pastors, Church Secretaries, Sunday School teachers, and Awana workers. Our goal at Lighthouse Baptist Church is to train 100 people to actively share their faith, and I want to do that in other churches, too.

The Share Jesus workshop can be done a couple of ways. If the church is two hours or less from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Xenia, Ohio, I can do 4 Sunday nights in a row or a Saturday seminar from 9-3. The Saturday seminar would be good for churches two hours away or more. The classes are one hour to one hour and a half in length. I generally have the classes during the Sunday evening service. About 90% of the people go to the regular Sunday evening service and about 10% sign up for the classes. The cost is $22 per person for their Share Bible and notebook. The first half of the class is a video of Bill Fay training the people about the five questions they need to ask. The second half is primarily role-play. Businesses learned to use role-play in their training a long time ago. They spend hours and thousands of dollars equipping and training their workers including role-play. It amazes me that we do not use role-play to train our people in our churches. All I need to train people to share their faith without fear is a class room, a video screen, and a DVD player.

In the last class, we have all the students role-play with myself and others making sure they can go thru the three steps they have learned. If the church is less than 2 hours from Lighthouse Baptist, I load up a van and bring people from our church to listen to the people who have attended the workshop as they read the verses and go through the five questions. They get a graduation certificate, and the pastor commissions them to go into all the world. We make graduation a big deal. (Each church will do this on their own.)

The most important thing we should be doing is the Great Commission. That is the only purpose we have on this earth – to share Jesus Christ. We come to church to get edified and equipped to do what? Are we just learning more knowledge or more theology for us? No, we are being edified and equipped to take the Gospel to a lost and dying world. The Lord’s heart is broken because 95% of the body of Christ is not actively sharing their faith. This class will equip the believer to be able to share their faith and will give them questions to ask that will open up the opportunity for them to share their faith.

It is my dream to see teams of people trained and ready to share their faith.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I am here to help you train your people to actively share Jesus. I am willing to do whatever is needed to help train others.

Ephisians 4:11-14


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