I was introduced to Share Jesus 19 years ago. Bill Faye led a seminar at the church I was attending that he called “Share Jesus Without Fear.” It totally transformed and revolutionized my life. I’d taken many other soul winning courses and had been sharing an easy believism gospel.  Before learning about “Share Jesus Without Fear,” I believe my soul winning plan made me more of a salesman than a Holy Spirit-led person. Sharing Jesus teaches soul winners to ask a series of five questions. The person asking the questions will talk 5% of the time and the person you are witnessing to will talk 95% of the time. The five questions are probing questions that reveal where the person is spiritually. Everyone likes to answer questions and everyone likes to give their opinion. In the last two weeks, I had the privilege of seeing eleven people come to Jesus Christ. I’m not talking easy believism. I’m talking about going through a series of five questions and finding out where they are spiritually.

Question 1 – Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

Turning the conversation to spiritual things can be difficult for some Christians. This is the question that will turn the conversation to spiritual things. You can be in a conversation with a friend, a loved one, a UPS driver, someone you know, or someone you are engaged in a conversation with and turn the conversation into the spiritual without them even knowing it. Once you ask this question, you let them ramble. No matter what they say, the only thing you’re permitted to say is “hmmm…” or nod your head. You really listen intently. It is so cool to see God work. They may ramble for a few minutes or even ten minutes. Once they are done, you ask them question 2.

Question 2 – Who is Jesus to You?

A saved person will always say, “He’s my Lord and Savior.” A religious person will say, “He’s the Son of God,” “He was a good man,” or “He was a prophet.”

Question 3 – Do you believe in a heaven and a hell?

Some will say they believe in a heaven, a hell, and a purgatory. It doesn’t matter what they say. You just do the same thing: nod your head without raising your eyebrows at some of their comments.

Question 4 – If God forbid something were to happen to you, are you 100% certain that you would be in heaven?

This fourth question is a very important question, and I teach people that when they ask this question, they must do it passionately and not like a robot. When I ask this question, I say something like this: “I want to ask you what I believe is the most important question I could ever ask you in my whole life. If God forbid something were to happen to you today, (we know we are not promised tomorrow, in this crazy world with everything going on anything could happen), are you 100% certain that you would be in heaven?”

Now they are going to give you one of two answers. They are either going to say yes, or they are going to say they are not sure. If they say yes, you ask another question. You say, “That’s great, but let me ask you another question.  If Jesus Christ were to ask you why He should let you into heaven, what would you tell Him?” This is the question that lets you find out if they believe in the blood of Christ by faith and faith alone or a works based salvation.

Question 5 will be in part 2.