Available to your church: January 1, 2023-October 31, 2023 

Objectives: to establish as many solid, independent, biblical Baptist churches as possible. To accomplish this task, it is imperative to train leadership, be led by God, and network with the existing works.

Goals 2021-2022:

2020 in a joint effort, between the work I started in Alto Hospicio and my Father’s church in the city of Iquique, we started a new work in another location in the city of Iquique. Abner Quezada is leading this work.

Our main goals for 2021-2022 are:

1) To strengthen the church in Alto Hospicio once the COVID pandemic is through.

2) To see a new work started in the town of Pica, one and half hours away.

3) Continue to develop the Christian camp in the area of La Huayca.

4) Teach-in Bible Institute Program in the city of Iquique.