Available to your church: March through November 2024 (possibly until March of 2025) 


  • Establish as many solid, independent, biblical Baptist churches as possible.
  • Develop the training institute program for future leaders.
  • Create a strong network for teamwork among our local works.


Goals 2023

1) The work in Alto Hospicio is completely independent (Goal reached)

2) I oversee the Iquique church while missionary David Reinhard is defending his thesis on his doctorate program in the USA. The goal of the partnership is to invest more time in leadership training.

3) We are developing a Christian camp in La Huayca, building and installing Bathrooms, showers, the house-church, etc. Each year we use the facilities for uniting the local works we have with youth camps.

4) Prepare for the 2024 furlough.

Email us at atacamaministry@gmail.com to schedule a meeting!!