A year ago, we were MKs thriving on the pastoral team and serving a fantastic church family at Overland Park Baptist.  But, a Divine call intersected with our missionary DNA and now we are on our way to Athens.  Just like Paul 2,000 years ago, we have heard the cry from Greece to “come over and help us!”

In this European metropolis there is a great and effectual open door. Muslim refugees from the Middle East and 10/40 window have fled here in droves over the past decade and many continue to arrive daily. As we aid them with their physical needs, the Gospel is presented and thousands have already received Christ! Baptism and discipleship are the next step, before they obtain asylum paperwork and move on to find work throughout Europe. Other cities with refugee camps, such as Corinth & Thessaloniki, offer promising prospects of outreach and church planting.

We have begun serving alongside veteran missionaries George & Luisa Dimakos at Athens Baptist Church and Voice Of Truth Refugee Center. Athens today, as it was in Paul’s day, provides a unique opportunity to reach a diverse multicultural demographic. Greeks, migrant workers from all over the world, Muslim refugees, retired European expats, and traveling tourists all stand in need of seeing the love and hearing the truth of Jesus Christ!

As Antioch sent out Paul, our home church has launched us out on this venture with their backing and blessing.  We are currently on the road sharing our burden and vision until we return to Athens in March of 2023. Our goal is two-fold. One is finding churches who will partner with us in proactive prayer and financial support.  The other is to motivate and inspire others to answer the divine call to become laborers in the cross-cultural harvest.

Email – emailmikeq@gmail.com