Jaden Fitzpatrick, Bible Baptist Church Springboro, OH.

January of 2020 I was wondering what the Lord wanted out of my life. I tried multiple ministries, but the doors were just not opening or remaining open. I was the Outreach Director at my sending church, Bible Baptist Church in Mt. Orab, OH. On a Wednesday evening, a gentleman visited the church, and the next day I was going to make the visit when I realized he lived in Springboro. Normally we wouldn’t go that far, but I felt I needed to go. As I got to Springboro, I began looking around realizing there were only two Baptist Churches in the whole city, only one being a KJV church. I talked with the man, and when he said he was not saved very long and there were no doctrinally sound churches to attend, that is where the burden began. We prayed about a building, and the Lord gave us the recently built chamber of commerce building rent free.

On March 1, we launched the church. We had 86 in attendance, and a sweet spirit followed. We were able to meet a total of three times before Covid-19 hit. Due to using a city owned building, we were forced to close for three months. Discouragement hit, and we were wondering what the Lord was doing. Meanwhile in the long three months of quarantine, we had phone calls of people wondering when the church would reopen, and excitement was still in the air.

The day finally came, and on June 7th, we were back at having church. We had a great turnout, and the Lord has been blessing ever since. We have had a total of 22 first time visitors and six salvations. We held our first youth rally in September and had 65 in attendance with six young people getting saved! It has been a journey, but nevertheless God has been blessing, and we are excited about what God is doing in Springboro, OH.