Pastor David Jeremiah of the multisite Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California, warned that Christians are living in a “post-truth world” where biblical truth is “slowly” vanishing. 

In part two of “Stewardship,” a three-part sermon series, Jeremiah, the founder of Turning Point Radiopreached that God has put Christians in charge of the Gospel as stewards of the truth, but Christians will have a harder time in life if they don’t take the truth of the Bible seriously.

Jeremiah suggested that truth is “disappearing from our culture” and disappearing from “television,” “magazines” and “newspapers.”

“We live in a post-truth world, which means the Word of God is more important than it has ever been,” Jeremiah said. “Post-truth means it used to be truth, but it’s not truth now to us. Post-truth is a word that describes our culture today.”

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