The Paris Olympics are just 4 weeks away, and the people who are part of the Paris Evangelistic Outreach are ready to go. The plane tickets have been purchased, the tracts are printed, and rooms have been secured. Everyone going to Paris is very excited to see what God is going to do.

Your help is still needed for the trip to be successful. We are praying that God will do what He did with Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch and bring two travelers together in Paris, one with the gospel and one in need of the gospel. You can help with this evangelistic outreach in two ways.

First is we ask you to start praying now for seed to be sown and for souls to be saved in Paris.

The second way you can help is to help finance the geotargeted ads. The people going to Paris will pass out tracts and have conversations with people.  But that is not the only way we can spread the gospel in Paris. We will be targeting the cell phones of people in the area where we will be passing out tracts. When a person in the area of the people passing out tracts opens apps on their cell phone such as Facebook, they will see an ad that directs the person to our website where they can hear the gospel. The gospel presentation will be in 16 languages. Thousands of people will be invited to check out the website. The only limitation of the number of people who could be reached by these ads is the amount of money we have to purchase those ads. $100 can reach hundreds of people. This is one of those rare times when we have the chance to reach people who would never hear the gospel in their home country.

There are 2 ways to give financially to the Paris Olympics Outreach:

  1. ONLINE – Please go online to Click ‘Paris Olympics 2024’ on the main menu. Choose ‘Donate’ on the far right of the screen. Or scroll near the bottom where GIVE has options of ‘Donate’ or ‘Make a Payment’. Select the ‘Donate’ option. In the note/memo line, include “Advertising”. Under ‘Cover Fees’, please check the box on the payment portal to cover the fee associated with this online service.
  2. CHECK – Please make checks payable to: SENT, Inc. On the memo line or on a separate note, please write “Advertising”. Checks should be mailed to:

SENT, Inc.

PO Box 80317

Canton, Ohio 44708