In 2024, the Olympics will be held in Paris. 108 people will go to France and give out 500,000 tracts to people from around the world. Some of the people who receive the tracts will live in countries where the gospel is forbidden or hard to find. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some of them to hear the gospel. For more information about this evangelistic outreach go to

The 108 people going on the evangelistic outreach will pay for their expenses on the trip including airfare, housing, and food. They are personally investing $3,000 in this outreach. There are other expenses involved in the outreach as well such as tracts, websites, and Location Based Targeting. For that, we need to raise $60,000. Think of it this way. 108 people doing street evangelism for 5 days equals 540 days of street evangelism. $60,000 divided by 504 days of street evangelism is $111.11 per day.

What will $60,000 enable us to do?

500,000 tracts – These tracts will have a QR code on them that will take a person to our website.

Website – We are creating a website that will have the gospel in 13 languages. It will also direct people to a missionary who lives near them. This website will be designed and marketed to be one of the first websites to appear on a search for the gospel during the Olympics. It will be live before, during, and after the Olympics for anyone interested in the gospel or wishing to connect with a missionary.

Digital Outreach Targeting – Digital messaging, ads, and location based targeting will allow us to reach those who do not get a physical tract and be a second point of contact for those who get a tract. Additionally, it is a pathway to connect tourists and visitors to the games to churches in their cities and countries of origin. We have enlisted James Browning to assist with this aspect of the campaign. James Browning has worked with churches, nonprofits, and fortune 500 companies to develop and implement their digital strategies. The broad strokes of the strategy include 2 phases. Phase 1 will be building the initial database and audience by targeting unreached and unevangelized people who have expressed interest in the upcoming Olympic games. The second phase will be to develop look-a-like audiences based on the initial database but targeted specifically to those at and around the Olympic events. Combined the total investment goal is at least $25,000. With that amount, the initial phase should reach 50 million plus people globally, followed by an estimated 10-15 million in the Paris area during phase two.

$111.11 will cover one day of the evangelistic outreach. $1,111.11 will cover 10 days. Will you sacrificially give to help us have an impact on the world at the 2024 Olympics in Paris?

Two ways to give.

Online –

Mail – Sent Inc,  P. O. Box 80317, Canton, Ohio 44708. Make checks payable to Sent Inc. and note Paris 2024 on the check.