Our current ministry is the revitalization of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Buckley, Wales UK. We have established Sunday school classes for the younger children on Sunday mornings, as well as with a teen’s class on Sunday nights. Along with the classes, we also provide preaching and teaching during the main service in the morning as well as in the family, evening service. Throughout the week we are utilizing one-on-one as well as small group discipleship to help equip the saints and better prepare them to serve. We are also having a weekly Wednesday night Bible study and prayer service for the adults and a kid’s class for all ages. We have been getting involved in the different community functions as well as hosting community wide outreach events as a way to connect people to our church family, which has been very effective. We have been able to have many outreach events at the church building as well as the local community center. Along with all this, we have also been utilizing summer camps to invest in the children and youth in our ministry as well as speaking in the public school assemblies. We will continue to implement this ministry plan to rebuild EBC for the near future.