Casey McCoy  Minister of Children Bible Baptist Church, Willington, Ohio.

During this uncertain time, many adults are feeling anxious, depressed, and, quite frankly, scared. Adults assume that children also experience those emotions due to the threat of the Coronavirus. Many experts have reported children feeling anxious or scared. I believe that children typically have more faith than adults (child-like faith). They trust God, and they trust their parents. While most children may not be scared, a significant number of them are bored! With the absence of a stressful school schedule and a lack of extra-curricular activities, children are craving for something to do! To address this issue of boredom and any potential fear, I found it my job to connect with the children of my ministry daily.

I post a daily video on our BBC Kids Faith Factory Facebook page and YouTube channel to encourage and connect with the children. Research suggests that children function best when their lives are predictable and routine. As their children’s pastor, I desire to provide a sense of normalcy during this unpredictable season. In addition to creating a weekly schedule, I attempt to post the videos at the same time every day.

The weekly schedule I created and am following during this time is as follows:

Monday-Music Video and Exercise

I wanted Mondays to be high-energy. During this video, I include a few Faith Factory music video favorites. Using OBS Studio, I can integrate the video into my own video so that the children can see and hear the words to the song. Near the conclusion of my Monday video, I include a brief exercise routine. I understand that many of them probably have an excess of energy, and I want to provide a healthy outlet for them. (I also smacked my hand on the wall and lost my balance and fell over during a couple of the exercises to make the kids laugh.)

Tuesday-Object Lesson and Family Fun

On Tuesdays, I engage the children with an object lesson. For example, I did a devotion on the tongue (James 3) and included an object lesson demonstrating the explosive and destructive nature of our words. I also include a game or activity the children can play with their families and video of me playing them with my family.


I wanted the children to have the opportunity to continue to learn God’s word and complete sections in their books, so Wednesdays are designated to Awana. I post a typical Awana counsel time video, and the children upload videos reciting their verses.

Thursday-Junior Church Lesson with Puppets and Song

Thursday videos encompass a typical day in junior church. The video includes my weekly lesson, a related puppet skit, and a junior church song.

Friday-Bible Trivia

Bible trivia allows the children and their families to interact with me and each other, which is an important aspect during this time. I host the game by asking Bible trivia questions, and children can respond to the question through the Faith Factory Facebook page.

While I am anxious to return to our typical church routine and form of ministry, I am thankful for the avenues the Lord has given us to stay connected during this season. God Bless!