We are career BBFI missionary to Brazil, currently on deputation.

God has already blessed us with 60% of our monthly support, and we pray and seek for more ministry partners, hoping to be on the field by the end of 2020. 

We will be church planters in Campinas, São Paulo, the most populous state in the country.

Our goal is to start and develop a mission-minded church, engaged in training nationals to reach their neighbors and the nations. 

God has also given us a burden to initiate biblical counseling with families of children with special needs as one of the outreach ministries of the church. For that reason, we will establish our ministry near a Down Syndrome clinic and major hospital in town. There we can have access, and be available to those families, which constitutes a large unreached segment in society.

Since we were born and raised in Brazil, Portuguese is our first language, and we will start our ministry right upon our arrival. 

We are eager to serve the Lord of the Harvest, Who called us as His labors.