Ministry Communication Workshop

October 24- 26, 2022

Providing pastors and staff tools to communicate the truths of Scripture more effectively.

Who is Ministry Communication Workshop for?

  1. Pastors
  2. Staff
  3. Spouses of Pastors and Staff
  4. Women who lead Women’s Ministries or teach women’s classes

The components of Ministry Communication Workshop

  1. Daily class time, where you will learn dynamic communication skills
  2. Daily evaluated speech time, where you will apply the principles you learned in the class times. Evaluation is the key to growth; information without evaluation equals stagnation. Speaking well is hard, and being evaluated is even harder. It is rare that speakers seek training and evaluation, and that is why great communicators are rare. As a result of daily evaluated speeches, you will leave the workshop a more confident, dynamic and life-changing speaker.
  3. There will be separate speech groups for women and men. Lewis McClendon will be evaluating the men’s speeches, and Karen McClendon will be evaluating the women’s speeches

Dates and Schedule

October 24-26, 2022

Classes begin at 1 pm on Monday, October 24, and end at noon on Wednesday, October 26


Canton Baptist Temple

515 Whipple Ave NW

Canton, Ohio 44708


The cost of the workshop is $99 per person. Included in that cost are dinner on Monday, lunch and dinner on Tuesday and all workshop materials. Participants in the workshop will need to secure their own housing arrangements.


To register contact Lewis McClendon

(330) 605-6959