As a music minister (if you are like me this time of year) it feels like our big Christmas musical event is just a week away.  This is a good thing for me because it keeps the tasks involved with planning and executing a successful event in the “high priority” area of my to do list.   

However, many times in planning it is easy to lose sight of some of the more menial things.  One of those areas is congregational singing during the Christmas season.  Though just as important, it can become routine year over year.  I really try to come up with new songs to sing each year, but sometimes it’s too late to get a new song to our instrumentalists to pull it off well.  I know I can’t be alone in this.   

Collaboration in the area of music is something that has helped me in almost 20 years of leading music in church.  There have always been a handful of people I will call or text during the year to find out what new music they are singing, what new choir songs they are doing, etc.  

 The Baptist Church Ministry Network was created to help church staff have a network of others in their areas of ministry to mentor and collaborate.  Join us for a virtual collaboration meeting on November 10, at 2:00 PM. Whether you are a layperson or a full-time staff member, you will benefit in several ways by attending. 

  1. Meet others in music ministry who will encourage and bless you.
  2. Discuss ideas specific to the coming Christmas season. 
  3. Look for new and fresh ideas as a seasoned music director.
  4. Gain insight and learn from others experiences (or even mistakes).
  5. Leave with resources and links for your ministry. 

Mark your calendars and join us!  A link to the virtual meeting will be posted soon.