Ken Braddy  Director of Sunday School, Lifeway Christian Resources

Today’s teaching tip is all about patience and time. If you desire to be a better teacher, marinate your Bible study – don’t microwave it!

Two days ago my wife brought some great looking steaks home from the grocery store. I could have just thrown them on the grill, but decided to marinate them in a nice mesquite flavored steakhouse marinade for about 2 hours. I then decided to cook them over indirect heat on my charcoal grill. The result was the most succulent steaks I’d ever cooked. Yes it took more time to slow cook the steaks, but the preparation time in the marinade plus cooking over indirect heat made the difference. I suppose I could have gone the other route: fire up the grill and throw them on without any kind of preparation (kind of a quick “microwave” version of the cooking process) but the results would not have been near as good.