This past Saturday I had the privilege of meeting with the pastor (Dr. Jamie McElrath), staff, and group leaders from Olivet Baptist Church located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Craig Webb, Assistant Executive Director of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention brokered the training meeting. I wish it had been in person, but Zoom allowed us to conduct training and a fair amount of Q&A related to group ministry. Dr. McElrath’s wife Lizzy was in the meeting, and she mentioned a phrase I had not heard before, but it is a concept I’ve written about in other posts. I thought her use of the phrase “F-O-M-O” during a portion of our training was spot-on, and with her permission, I’m going to tell you what we talked about that caused her to mention this phrase.

Is F-O-M-O Keeping You From Having Group Leaders for Kids and Students? – Ken Braddy