Yes, you read that headline correctly. Jason is a missionary to Cuba. Jason is a staff member of Bible Baptist Church in Mt. Orab, where Ted House is the pastor. Pastor House has been to Cuba several times, and Jason and Sara began going to Cuba as well. They joined missionary Henry Benach in churches he was working with. The Lord began stirring their hearts that Cuba was the place God wanted them. In 2022, on a trip to Cuba, they surrendered to God’s call to be missionaries in Cuba.

Cuba does allow churches to operate in Cuba, and does allow Americans to get a 30-day religious visa. This means constant travel in and out of Cuba to do the work God has called them to do. Their focus will be on starting churches and winning people to Christ. They work with a legal established church as a home base and then work in several other churches at the same time.

It is legal for an American to preach at a church but not in the streets. In the churches, the Jordan’s can hold outreaches for children similar to VBS, women’s outreaches such as mother/daughter banquets and revivals. On the 7 recent trips to Cuba they have personally seen almost 3,000 people saved.

Contact information
(937) 308-5263