A trendy, new hashtag tempts Christians to look wise in the world’s eyes. “There are 293,026 posts on Instagram utilizing the hashtag #deconstruction,” reported apologetics writer Alisa Childers earlier this year. “The vast majority are from people who’ve deconverted from Christianity, become progressive Christians, embraced same-sex marriage and relationships, rejected core historic doctrines of the faith, or are on a mission to crush the white Christian patriarchy.”

The deconstruction movement recruits from the ranks of Christian celebrities, musicians, and young, impressionable evangelicals. “Deconstruction is not sound. Deconstruction will ultimately lead to destruction itself,” said Dr. Owen Strachan, Senior Fellow with FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview.

Not everyone agrees. For its defenders, Strachan explained deconstruction means the process of “challenging what you have been taught” with the goal of establishing “an authentic faith” — although this slippery term means nearly all things to all men.

‘I am master of my faith’: How dumping Christianity is trending | Voice (christianpost.com)