I grew up using the term “soul winner” and still do. However, that is an Old Testament term, while the New Testament uses terms or words like “make disciples” in Matthew 28:19, “witness” in Acts 1:8, and “preach” in Acts 8:4.

As you are probably aware the word “preach(ing)” in Acts 8:4 is a different Greek word than “preach(ed) in 8:5. In Acts 8:5, when Phillip preached he heralded the Good News. His was a public proclamation, like we usually think of when we use the word “preach.”

But in Acts 8:4, speaking of the believers who were scattered abroad, the Greek word “preaching” literally means “sharing good news” and the context determines what the “good news” is. When the angel came to Mary to tell her that he had some “good news,” the good news was that she was going to have a baby-Jesus. When Timothy reported to Paul about the Thessalonians, he brought “good news.” Most of the times, however, the “good news” refers to the Good News about Jesus!

We who are preachers are to “preach”, or herald. Individual believers are to “preach,” that is, share the “Good News” of Jesus. Sadly, however, very few of our Baptist church members are actively sharing the Good News.

That is the very reason we developed Every Believer a Witness – to help pastors motivate and train their people to actively share their faith-not so much with people they don’t know, but with the people they do know, their families, friends, classmates, coworkers and neighbors.  Beyond this, when you host or lead Every Believer a Witness, you get a simple Follow-Up Plan to help you create and maintain a culture of witnessing and evangelism.

If you want to see a majority of your people talking about Jesus all during the week, and the resulting fruit, I promise you that Every Believer A Witness will help that to happen.

There is a lot of information on our website- everybelieverawitness.org. You can contact our office and speak with Dennis Nunn and he will fill you in on how to have an every believer a witness revival, Monday through Wednesday night. Or, pastor, you can be trained and teach yourself as a Sunday morning series.

You can contact me at paul@everybeliever.org, or 803-530-4835.