On any given Sunday or Wednesday you might find Jim and Phyllis Antista in our church missions hallway.  They are a faithful couple who love missions and missionaries.  They are reading letter after letter of the 144 missionaries our church supports monthly. It is a treasure hunt of sorts.  Jim reads out the prayer requests and Phyllis jots them down in a notebook. They faithfully pray for each missionary family by name and by specific requests. Our church needs more Jim and Phyllis’.  And yours does too.

The Echo Prayer app is a customizable prayer app that can take your missionary hallway and make it accessible any time of day on your smart phone and/or tablet.   With minimal initial set up and someone designated to keep requests updated, you can empower your church to consistently and systematically pray for the missionaries of your church.  The app is free to download and is available on Apple and Android devices.

With the Echo Prayer App you can:

  • Intelligently pray for your missionaries
  • Read current missions letters
  • See missionary photos
  • Pray for current needs
  • Set Reminders to Pray
  • Pray with your church family

The Echo Prayer App can be used for even more areas of prayer in your church and small groups.  The app features a prayer timer that allows you to determine length of time to pray while the app scrolls handsfree through the feed.  It is awesome.

We launched this app during our annual Missions Conference three weeks ago.  Currently we have 71 followers on our missions feed.  The metrics dashboard shows that each of our missionaries have been prayed for 320 times in three weeks.  We are so encouraged.  Jim and Phyllis might be the biggest fans.

Watch this video to visualize some of the features of the prayer app.