Our Kid Ministry Leaders and Sunday School teachers are some of the hardest working volunteers we serve alongside all year.  Christmas is a great time to show our appreciation for them. However, giving a gift to each teacher or worker may be outside of what you can do logistically and/or financially.  Consider giving them the gift of time.  Simply download and print the coupon page (cardstock will be most durable) and distribute this Sunday!

Give Me a Break Coupon: This coupon can be used at any time during the year for when they just need a break.  Make sure it is understood this isn’t intended to be to use when they or a family member are sick, or they’re scheduled to go on vacation.  Rather, this is intended to be a true break where they can attend an adult class or main worship service.

Give Me a Hand Coupon: This coupon can be used when a teacher needs a little help cleaning and organizing their classroom.  This is a bonus for you because you get the chance to pour into and invest time into your teacher.

Give Me an Idea Coupon: This coupon can be used when a teacher or leader needs a little inspiration to plan their next activity or event.  This is another opportunity to invest time and build relationship with your teachers.

Click here to download these coupons!!

Appreciation and kindness go a long way when we deal with volunteers.  And who doesn’t love a little extra time?