We are missionaries in Greece since 1993 through the BBFI, sent by Pastor Tracy Roby.  We are both born in Europe, I am Greek and my wife is Portuguese, we have 3 children born in New York, two sons and their families live in Missouri, and Cristina Sinde and her family are missionaries in Greece with us.  In the past 26 years by the Grace of God we have started a church in the heart of Athens, and we are now in the middle of construction of a new 4 floor building to join with the existing church building, doubling our space.  We helped start a church in the island of Zakynthos, Takis has done a wonderful work and also started an internet radio reaching thousands of Greeks worldwide.  We also in the process of helping start a home church in the 3rd largest city in Greece, Patra.   The most exciting work in Athens has been reaching thousands of Iranians where over 6000 have been saved in the past decade.  God is Good and He continues to work in Greece, and we are privileged to be His hands and feet.