“Remind me, why do we have a professional claw machine in our garage right now?” This was a question I posed to my 13 year-old son recently.

Ever since he was young, he’s had a obvious entrepreneurial spirit. While his older brothers are out making money “the good old-fashioned way” through mowing lawns, milking cows, and anything else they can find to do, Shane has always set his sights on the “bigger and better” things (time will tell if his strategy is successful).

Throughout his preteen years, he’s been uniquely different than all of our other kids. He can be super quiet at times, yet super loud at others, annoyingly funny, and full of preteen enthusiasm, humor, and adventure. His interest in things like 3d printers, his successful youtube channel for kids, and claw machines are just a few of the things that set him apart.

Even as our youngest, he’s still teaching me so many things about successful parenting. Here are a few things I’m continuing to learn when it comes to raising kids in this in-between stage of life.

Claw Machines and Crazy Preteens – Godly Parent