The Biden administration says it can defend federal exemptions for faith-based colleges and opposed a motion by Christian organizations to intervene in a lawsuit seeking to strike down religious colleges’ exemptions to Title IX law dealing with LGBT discrimination.

The Oregon-based Religious Exemption Accountability Project, an LGBT activist organization, filed a federal lawsuit in March on behalf of dozens of LGBT current and former students at several Christian colleges and universities who felt discriminated against because their school’s upheld policies consistent with gender and sexuality beliefs.

REAP’s lawsuit seeks to end what it says are “sexual, physical and psychological abuses perpetrated under the religious exemption to Title IX at thousands of federally-funded schools, colleges and universities across America.” It wants to strip the ability of schools that espouse traditional sexuality beliefs to be protected from sex discrimination law. Some argue the federal ban on sex discrimination includes discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Biden admin. says it can defend religious exemption to Title IX | Politics News | The Christian Post