Registrations come in every day for the October 5-6, 2020 BCMN meeting at Canton Baptist Temple. A great meeting is planned, but if you are unable to attend, you can still have the opportunity to be a part of the meeting by going to during the services. All the services will be broadcast on Facebook. Below is the schedule of the services, and we hope you can be on Facebook for all of them, but I do want to highlight the Tuesday, October 6, 11 am service. Dennis Jennings will be announcing some changes in the BCMN website that will expand our ability to network with each other.

At each service three BCMN endorsed missionaries will give a short presentation about the field God has called them to. God is still calling and sending missionaries around the world, and it is exciting to hear their presentations.

Theme – By His Word

October 5

7 pm – Rick Carter – “By His Word We Are Encouraged”

October 6

9 am – Steve Burkholder – “By His Word We Evangelize the World”

11 am – Josh Dixon – “By His Word We Are Energized”

7 pm – Gary Grey – “By His Word We Are Equipped”

If you are planning to attend the meeting, register today. You can register by clicking here