As the summer winds down and the school year approaches, teachers are preparing to embark on another school year. Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our children, investing their time, energy, and passion into their students. That is why we are so thankful for the Christian educators in our churches. The demands of the teaching profession can be overwhelming. Here are ways your church can encourage and uplift teachers as they return to their classrooms.


1. Back to School Sunday.

    • Have a Back to School emphasis on a Sunday before the school year begins.
    • Host a backpack or school supply drive in the weeks leading to your Back to School Sunday.
    • Invite all the teachers of your church (be sure to include your homeschool parents/teachers) forward at the conclusion of your service to pray over them.
    • Invite teachers to a special appreciation breakfast before or a luncheon after church

2. Have Adult Sunday School classes adopt a teacher.

    • Encourage your Sunday School classes to “adopt” a teacher for the school year.
    • Buy items from their Amazon wish list or volunteer to help set their classroom up.
    • Deliver their favorite coffee drink on the first day of school or send a gift card for them to pick one up on their way.
    • Commit to praying for them throughout the school year.

3. Adopt a student from their class roster to pray for.

    • Ask your teachers to provide first names or initials of the students on their class roster.
    • Ask your church family to adopt a student for the year.
    • Commit to pray for them for the entire school year.

4. Words of Encouragement.

    • Gift devotional books to your teachers that they can keep in their classrooms.
    • Write a note of encouragement to your teachers and ask others to do the same.
    • Ask them how their school year is going throughout the year.

In today’s education world, Christian teachers must overcome a lot to even teach the basics. They are on the front lines of the war for our children. Spend some time today in prayer for the teachers of your church and consider how you can encourage them as they begin this school year.