Seemingly, every subject in 2020 comes with serious debate in our ever polarized world. We can certainly add the Covid-19 vaccine to the growing list of divisive issues. A majority (51%) of Americans are reluctant to take a vaccine either because of the efficacy, the known side effects, the rush to market, the reprogram of the human genome, the potential usage of abortifacients or simply a rational skepticism of vaccines in general. Presumably, the rest of the US public’s concern about the vaccine seems to be outweighed by the belief that with widespread implementation of the vaccine comes the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Only the Lord truly knows when this pandemic will pass; however, in all of the hype about the vaccine and FDA approval, let’s not miss that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) met recently and made a decision, that at least on the surface seems “pro life.”

A polarizing vaccine provides some pro-life hope – The Christian Post