Dr. Jake Tovissi  Pastor Care Canton Baptist Temple

Secondly I want to discuss loneliness. The lockdown has many health benefits. However, it has one major detriment. That is loneliness. It overwhelms us in a very short amount of time. Let me also be clear that you do not have to be alone to be lonely. The majority of those that are lonely are by themselves; widows, widowers, singles and divorced. For those of you in these categories be proactive. Use whatever technologies you have to communicate with others. You can call family, friends, neighbors and fellow church members if applicable. When you reach out to others you will not only find that you forget about your loneliness but that others are lonely as well.

Secondly limit your intake of media. In reality this is good for all of us. Many of us are suffering from media overdose, social or otherwise. It is appropriate to take in news and information but limit it. Finally, saturate with eternal things. Read your Bibles, pray and sing hymn songs and spiritual songs unto the Lord. Remember if you have a personal relationship with God, you are never alone.

Now what about those of us that are not alone but lonely. The same rules above apply to you. Also, find ways to interact with others without violating social distancing principles. I’m a major people person. When I finish my daily quiet time with the Lord, I’m ready for people. I’m so thankful for the technology of Zoom and that I’ve been able to interact with and preach the Word of God to those I love dearly. Believe me it helps me as much as them.

Let me also encourage you to have prayer with someone over the phone or through FaceTime and if you have a computer look for good Bible devotional sites. One last thing, loneliness can be used in a positive way to examine yourself. If you find things about yourself, that you want to change, seek to change them with God’s help.