Pastor Ted R. House Bible Baptist Church Mt Orab, OH

Part 1: Why Church Planting is Important

The pastors of the state of Ohio have a unique passion for seeing churches planted in our state.  For the past 30 years we have cooperated and seen the establishment of about 25 local Baptist churches. There are two reasons why it’s a part of our DNA.

Like many things, some things are taught and other things are caught. The Pastors who have come before us, our mentors, had a great passion for souls which equates in the birthing of baby churches. It was their passion for souls and birthing churches that was caught by the current Ohio pastors.

Anything that is alive and healthy will reproduce. Churches, in like manner, that are healthy should naturally reproduce themselves. Born again believers should naturally lead other people to Christ. They should naturally reproduce themselves. The same needs to be true with churches. The pastors in Ohio have this principle deep in their hearts, that they should reproduce their church in a baby church. Like many families, we desire to reproduce more than just one baby. We plan on it; we expect it.

The main reason for birthing new churches in the State of Ohio is our passion for lost souls in every city, every village, and every town, Ohio needs to have a vibrant, healthy, soul conscious, Great Commission Baptist church.  By the way, statistically, baby churches win more souls than older mature churches.

By the way, statistically, baby churches win more souls than older mature churches.

The last reason, I would bring to our consideration is that baby churches are a source of brand new missionary money. The larger the home base, the farther the gospel can reach around the globe.