Let’s face it, not everyone arrives at your Bible study ready to learn. On many occasions, the minds of your group members are focused on just about anything but Bible study! People come into our groups with all kinds of real-life issues that keep them from fully connecting with the study.

The average attention span of adults is decreasing. Depending upon what article you read or which scientist you listen to, you’ll get slightly different numbers. One study indicated that humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish! Whether the attention span is 8 seconds, 10 minutes, or some other number, one thing is clear: the attention span of people isn’t getting longer.

That’s where you and I come in. It’s our job as a group leader to make sure that we’ve captured their attention. The word “capture” has its origin in a Latin word meaning, “to take” or “to seize.” It carries with it the idea that something is running away (in this case, the attention of your group members) and you must find a way to seize it once again.

6 Ways to Engage Your Group Members in Bible Study – Ken Braddy