In today’s world, the convenience of technology has become a double-edged sword. I will be the first to admit, I, like many of us, have developed unhealthy habits of being glued to our cell phones. Phone addiction has become increasingly common, with the average American spending over 4 hours per day on their mobile device. We compulsively check apps, social media, and news, getting lost in an endless cycle of distraction. This constant stimulation from our devices often prevents us from being fully present and attentive. It hampers productivity, focus, sleep, and relationships. But the opposite is equally true. We have more tools accessible to us to help manage to-do lists, ideas, and productivity. Ministry can be multiplied as we connect with people through video calls, produce podcasts, etc. We can have live interaction with our missionaries on the field. 

So how do we maintain a healthy balance? If you feel your phone has started to dominate too much of your attention, it may be time to make some changes. Implementing more mindful phone usage can greatly benefit your time management, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Here are 5 tips for decreasing cell phone usage and boosting productivity.  

  1. Turn off notifications – The constant dings, buzzes and banners popping up on your phone are major productivity killers. Go into your settings and turn off notifications for apps that don’t need your immediate attention.
  2. Set designated phone-free time frames – Choose specific parts of your day to put your phone away, like during work meetings, commutes, dinner, or one-on-one time with others. Having designated phone-free blocks can help train your brain to focus better without the distraction of your phone.
  3. Remove extra home screens – Delete extraneous home screens that contain non-essential apps. That way, when you go to unlock your phone, you won’t get sidetracked checking apps you don’t really need. Keep just one or two home pages with your most-used, important apps.
  4. Charge your phone outside the bedroom – Don’t allow your phone to charge on your nightstand, as it’s too tempting to grab right before bed. The blue light from phones can negatively impact sleep quality. Charge in another room so your bedroom remains a peaceful, phone-free space.
  5. Activate Do Not Disturb mode – Use Do Not Disturb mode while working, driving, spending time with others, or any other time you want to avoid distractions. This feature blocks calls and alerts so you can really be present in the moment. Take it a step further and construct a “work mode” that will even limit your access to apps that are a temptation to take your time. 

 Following some of these tips can train your brain over time to be less dependent on constant phone use. You may be surprised at how much more productive you become by putting your phone down more often. It allows you to concentrate, absorb information better, and engage fully with your current tasks and surroundings, being a better steward of the tools God gives us. Give it a try!