As Easter quickly approaches, it is important to be prepared to welcome visitors and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As you go through your preparation checklists, here are 30 prayer points to help get your heart and mind ready for Easter Sunday. 

  1. Your church’s preparation for Easter 
  2. Technical issues to be resolved ahead of time 
  3. Greeters and Ushers will initiate welcoming first impressions 
  4. Adult Sunday School teachers’ preparation 
  5. Youth Group teachers & leaders 
  6. Children’s Sunday School and Junior Church teachers 
  7. People to invite their family and friends 
  8. Nursery workers 
  9. Guests to feel welcomed and comfortable  
  10. Follow up and Outreach 
  11. People far from God will be drawn back to the Lord 
  12. Lives burdened by grief, pain and loss will find hope 
  13. Those invited by family and friends will commit to come 
  14. The Easter message will help some renew meaning and purpose in their lives 
  15. Everyone will see Jesus died and rose for them 
  16. Our Church Staff 
  17. Music and Worship will be impactful 
  18. Strength and energy for all who are serving 
  19. Safety and protection 
  20. Those invited will recall and commit in their hearts to come 
  21. Distractions and barriers will be removed 
  22. Broken relationships will begin reconciliation 
  23. Easter Egg Hunt will draw kids and families 
  24. Physical needs of building maintenance and upkeep 
  25. Problems or conflicts to be overcome 
  26. Sermon & lesson preparation 
  27. Church family to be warm and welcoming 
  28. People will accept Christ or rededicate their lives 
  29. Lives will be transformed by the Easter message 
  30. Souls will be saved. 

 As you bring these requests to the Lord, trust that through the power of His resurrection, lives will be transformed, hearts will be softened, and your church can experience renewal and hope this Easter season.