Relationships matter. Jesus modeled over and over in the Gospels with his friends to not do life alone (Luke 10:1-2) It is expected that people in families have personal relationships based on their family status – parents, siblings, cousins, etc. But what about those outside our families? What about relationships with those in our church, or those we are trying to bring into the family of God through salvation? How do we build relationships with people in our ministries in order to impact them for Jesus Christ? 

Someone once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Here is a list of 127 creative ways to build relationships with people in your ministry.  (They are broken down into age group categories for your reference.)  


1) Listen to them  

2) Play with them  

3) Laugh with them  

4) Talk to them  

5) Color with them  

6) Share a snack  

7) Get down on their level  

8) Play I-Spy  

9) Be goofy  

10) Encourage their imagination  

11) Pray with them  

12) Challenge them to a silly face competition  

13) Compliment them  

14) Invite parents over for dinner  


15) Make up a secret handshake  

16) Call them by name  

17) Laugh with them  

18) Remember their birthday with a card or small gift  

19) Praise a child sincerely for their accomplishments  

20) Be a reading buddy at their school. 

21) Greet them when they arrive 

22) Say goodbye when they leave  

23) Keep your word  

24) Interact with their parents  

25) Invite their family over for dinner  

26) Give your undivided attention to them  

27) Know their favorite things  

28) Remember their pet’s names  

29) Tell them stories about your childhood  

30) Ask them what they are passionate about  

31) Affirm them with your words  

32) Take pictures and display them in class  

33) Be their biggest fan  

34) Go to their games  

35) Bring flowers to their recitals  

36) Make a get-well basket with activities in it when they are sick  

37) Remember their names  

38) Keep a prayer journal  

39) Follow up with their requests later  

40) Ask parents about their struggles  

41) Find common ground  

42) Celebrate little things in a big way  

43) Send postcards when you go on vacation. 


44) Use social media  

45) Text them every day  

     46) Motivation Monday  

     47) Trivia Tuesday  

     48) Would You Rather Wednesday  

     49) Thankful Thursday  

     50) Fun Fact Friday  

     51) Saturday Sound Off  

     52) Sunday Thoughts 

53) Offer to pick them up for activities if their parents can’t take them  

54) Ask them to make visits with you  

55) Take an interest in their interests  

56) Go to their games  

57) Go to their concerts  

58) Take other teens from your class to cheer them on 

59) Find out where they hang out  

60) Tell them how God is working in your life  

61) Ask them how God is working in their life  

62) Listen carefully  

63) Remember the details  

64) Know their pet’s names  

65) Ask about how you can pray for them  

66) Send them texts to let them know you are praying for them before a big test  

67) Send them cards  

68) Do Bible Reading Plans Together on YouVersion app 

69) Eat lunch with them at their school 

70) Celebrate random holidays in class 

71) Find out their unsaved friends names 

72) Keep a spreadsheet of your group’s interests 

73) Share about what you struggled with as a teen 

74) Give Bible verses relating to their current struggles they can memorize 

75) Partner up with a senior to teach a skill to your class 

76) Read the same books they are reading (maybe even the school ones) 

77) Teach them how to pray 

78) Send a Postagram for no reason 

79) Make up Class Superlatives 

Parents of Teens 

80) Keep parents informed 

81) Create a phone “category” to keep all parents’ numbers in one spot 

82) Ask parents how you can pray for their kids 

83) Host a family event 

84) Text parents encouraging things you see about their kids 


85) Ask someone to run errands with you  

86) Carpool to events  

87) Host an apple tasting  

88) Have a game night  

89) Ask how you can pray for them 

90) Have a playdate with your kids  

91) Create a meal train for families in need  

92) Venmo $5 for a coffee when someone is having a hard day  

93) Remember important anniversaries. Not just the happy ones.  

94) Wedding anniversaries  

95) Death anniversaries of loved ones  

96) Divorce anniversaries  

97) Host an oil change event for the single moms in your class  

98) Meet up at a local festival (Cider Days, Harvest Days)  

99) Host a book club  

100) Do Bible Reading Plans together on YouVersion app  

101) Buddy up and volunteer to clean a widow’s home. 

102) Ask someone to make a hospital visit with you 

103) Workout together 

104) Complete a class puzzle 

105) Host a prayer meeting in your home 

106) Bake cookies together and take to the local fire department 

107) Christmas Carol at a nursing home with your care group 

108) Follow up on their prayer requests 

109) Have phone conversations 

110) Meet at the Farmer’s Market 

111) Make a Playlist on Spotify for someone who needs encouragement 

112) Go on a float trip 

113) Be real. Share your own struggles 

114) Use a communication app with your class for prayer requests/updates 

115) Take someone to lunch during the work week 

116) Send encouragement on big days. (First day of school, graduation day) 

117) Go for a hike 

118) Invite someone to sit with you in church 

119) Compliments are free 

120) Smiles are freer 

121) Tell jokes. But not inside ones. 

122) Know their favorite sports teams 

123) Also know their least favorite sports teams 

124) Have a pickleball tournament 

125) Observe stress levels 

126) Sign your kids up on the same sports teams 

127) Be present