1606, 2022

Secular intolerance of Christians’ views is leading to self-censorship, report warns

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Secular intolerance has a “chilling effect” on Christians who are having to practice “various forms of self-censorship” as they're finding it difficult to express their faith freely in society, according to a new report detailing accounts

906, 2022

Two-thirds of American Christians don’t know any methods for telling others about Jesus, poll finds

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Most American Christians want to share their faith but only a minority of them have encouraged others to embrace Jesus Christ in the last six months, according to new data released by Lifeway Research that suggests

606, 2022

Times Are Changing in America: How can we ensure maximum ministry with minimum liability?

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Listen in as David Gibbs III, President of the National Center for Life and Liberty, speaks to us on how times are changing in the world around us and how that affects our ministries.  

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