Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment.

Think back to your middle school days. Do you remember the pain of recess when captains were designated by a coach or teacher, and they proceeded to select one student at a time? I wasn’t the last kid picked, but close! Talk about a terrible feeling – being passed over while other kids were chosen first. Some of you are having flashbacks to similar scenarios!

Sometimes kids that are chosen last actually excel beyond the kids chosen earlier in the selection process. Maybe that’s because the team captain chooses his or her friends first. Perhaps it’s because the team captain misjudges the abilities of the kids available to him.

Now it’s present-day and we’re still passing over potential team members, but this time it’s for positions as group leaders, not for positions on a recess kickball, soccer, football, or four-square team. The stakes are much higher in the church than on the middle school athletic field.