Kevin Kolb

I have lived in the “show-me” state all my life. Missourians like to see how things work before they invest. I don’t know if that’s because we’re simple or just skeptical; I confess to some of both. When it comes to launching a pastoral internship at your church, maybe you do too. It might be helpful to show you some of the practical benefits of a pastoral internship by letting you hear from our current and former interns. Consider their answers to these questions:

What benefits drew you to the internship?

  • “The provision of housing for my family as well as tuition for my MDIV made the internship very attractive for me.”
  • “It is my conviction that the local church is God’s means for training pastors… in my mind, there is no better place to learn how to shepherd souls than to be given the opportunity of doing so under the supervision of experienced shepherds.”
  • “One benefit that drew me was getting real, practical ministry experience alongside my theological education so I could enter the ministry as an experienced preacher, counselor, and leader.”

What unexpected benefits have you received from the internship?

  • “One unexpected benefit has been the opportunity to observe church leadership making major decisions like navigating Covid-19.”
  • “Mistakes are easier to handle and learn from as an intern. I’d rather make these mistakes now than make the same rookie mistakes as a pastor of a church.”
  • “The internship was incredibly humbling; I was consistently challenged, confronted, and eventually convinced of my need for greater wisdom and growth and, ultimately, dependence on Christ.”

How has the internship prepared you for long term ministry?

  • “My spiritual health, the health of my marriage, and my faith in the sufficiency of Scripture have each grown considerably through this internship. I’m also learning to counsel on top of the various important truths I’m learning in seminary.”
  • “The internship is preparing me with a better understanding of God’s word, as well as how to present it in teaching and counseling contexts. Also, both my wife and I are learning to complement and love one another in a context where I oversee a ministry of the church.”
  • “I was equipped with both the desire and practical understanding needed to preach faithfully from the Word of God – and to trust that Word to do God’s Work. Because my pastors were so intentional in how they trained me and poured into me, I was able to leave the internship equipped with an intact family and a better marriage than I went in with. And I was equipped with friends closer than a brother, who I know I can call at any time for help, guidance, wisdom, and encouragement.”

Please call or come by for a visit if you are seriously considering implementing a pastoral internship. I think we can show you it is a worthwhile investment.