We are Tim and Jackie Long, church-planting missionaries among Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East. We are currently located in Larnaca, Cyprus, in the East Mediterranean, where Paul and Barnabas began their missionary journey. Being in a Creative Access Nation (CAN), we are limited and take care when giving specific details. During our 13 years in Egypt, we were blessed to see God bring about three strong churches with national pastors that have now blossomed into a fellowship of over 20 churches. Leaving Egypt in 2013 due to restrictions by the Muslim Brotherhood after the revolution, Tim worked as an Associate Director of Missions over Finance in the BBFI Mission Office in Springfield, Missouri, with the understanding that they would desire to return to the field if the door opened again.  During their time stateside, Tim had health issues that took him to the edge of death; however, in 2019 God restored him to health and reopened the door to returning to the Muslim world. Entering Egypt on long-term visas did not happen as desired, but God opened the door for their residency in Cyprus, where they easily access the Middle East and North Africa within an hour’s flight to take the Gospel and establish churches. The ministry with Displaced Peoples (Refugees) in Cyprus has grown from Bible studies to the beginning of All Nations Bible Baptist Church comprised of peoples from Afghanistan, Britain, Congo, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Philippines, Romania, Nepal, and Vietnam, opening a wide door of Gospel expansion in the region.

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Website: www.refuge142.com