Available to your church: June through November 2024

As your co-laborers prayerfully sent out in good faith to the Creative Access Nations in South Asia, we the Kumars have a unique opportunity to minister cross culturally among the animist first natives and the downtrodden lowcaste Oriya Hindu untouchable castes of East India.

Coming from diverse backgrounds ourselves, we present to you an opportunity to invest for eternity in a land teeming with 1.4 billion people who grope in utter darkness where the only light is being shone through us as endorsed BCMN workers. We are the only BBFI/BCMN messengers in the entire landscape in East India. (2 persons for 1.4 billion people).

Sharing our Baptist faith through scriptures to plant indigenous, first nation Baptist churches led by local men is our main focus. Obedience based Discipleship, Church planting based on 2 Timothy 2: 2, and the “man/woman of peace” principle is our strongest strategy going forward.

We are currently on furlough till November 2024. As the Lord convicts your hearts to reach the only country with the largest population of Hindus and the second largest population of Muslims anywhere in the whole world, you will share with us the unique opportunity to bring many souls “from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God…!” (Acts 26: 18)

Grace and peace. Maranatha.

Email us at winsvkumar@gmail.com to schedule a meeting!!